Provincial’s Desk

Sr. ValerieSt. Joseph’s Convent is an institution that was born out of the heart of the Daughters of Mother Marie Therese, whom she sent to India and Bombay in 1863. Women of great love and zeal that they were, they responded to the needs of the desperate and the deprived in this suburb of Bandra, through education. Reaching out to all but very specially to the weak and those challenged in different ways, has been the hallmark of the Daughters of the Cross and continues to be. St. Joseph’s Convent High School grew out of this endeavour and through these years has seen various and significant changes to respond to the challenges of the day.

St. Joseph’s Convent High School offers its students opportunities to enhance their personalities and equip them for life individually and in ways that will benefit society. What is important is that every student knows and appreciates herself, loves and reveres her God and all of His Creation and relates to all humankind with respect, sensitivity and compassion. Our students’ own physical and psychological well-being is cared for, through out-of-class sessions, be it on the sports field or interaction with qualified counselors.

The school strives to form students of character, enlightening their minds, awakening their hearts and shaping their wills, to be persons who stand for truth and justice. With the dire need for environmental awareness and urgent care for our planet earth, nothing is too much in the line of ecology. This is done in and outside the classroom. Through various social awareness activities and rural camps, we disturb the students with the pathetic paradox of our country’s abundance on the one hand and the extreme poverty on the other. In this way we hope to inspire them to live differently and so reach out to reduce this unjust gap.

This spells out Education for us Daughters of the Cross in today’s day and age and we go forth “Forward God Helping”.

Sr.Valerie Miranda f.c.
Provincial Superior
30th November, 2013