School Motto & Flag

School Motto & Flag

The School Motto
A Motto is a rule of life adopted by a family or institution for its inspiration. “Forward God Helping” us the maxim adopted by the school. It sums up very briefly the aim of the school viz. to lead the students to progress and success, in the love and fear of God, and in the firm belief that He alone can give us any measure of success in our lives.

The school authorities strive to give the students an unshakeable confidence in God. God helps those who help themselves. The students are encouraged to do their best and leave the rest to God. He alone is the giver of all good gifts. It is for us to labour but God gives the increase – the reward. Students are encouraged to live their School Motto from day to day. It holds the secret of joy and peace of mind – the secret of success.

The School Flag
Green and Grey form the background of the school flag. Green stands for the freshness of youth, their youthful idealism and energy, which through a system of liberal education we hope to harness in order to obtain the objective of education. Grey is the colour of determination. The determination to overcome obstacles, the strength to be a true to a high ideal, to finish the course and to go “Forward God Helping”

The Cross with the crown is the emblem of the Daughters of the Cross. The Cross is a sign of Victory and it is this sign that we hope to lead our students to success. The lily which is superimposed on the Cross is a symbol of St. Joseph, the patron saint of our school. It is also a symbol of purity, that purity of heart, body and mind we want to inculcate in our students. The torch is a symbol of going FORWARD.

Flag Song

Raise the banner, wave it high
Hold it aloft to view
Emblem of our school, symbol of its rule
Inspiration in our striving

We, your honour, will uphold
Guide of all our youthful dreams,
Ever to you we’ll loyal be,
Dear banner of our school
Proudly we assemble here,
Our cherished banner raising
Noble thoughts and sentiments,
Inspired while on it gazing

Zeal and Honour are your urging
Perseverance too
With Industry in daily life
Dear Banner we love you.