This year, the theme for the Annual Day was H2O ( an oath2Ourselves) and the stress was on protecting our environment, especially water. The programme included a skit set in Nursery Rhyme land and also feature some lively songs and colourful dances. The school Report was brief and presented relevant information in the form of a creative Video presentation.

In keeping with the theme of protecting our environment, instead of printing and distributing invitation cards, coupons were distributed to only those parents who would be attending the program. The entire program began on time and continued as per schedule, without a single hitch.

The chief guest for the evening was Sr. Valerie Miranda F.C and the guest of Honour were the parents of our Head Girl, Calista D’souza.

The program was a huge success due to excellent team-work and co-ordination among the teachers of the school.

Additional information:

  1. Maximum use was made of recycling materials.
  2. All costumes were paid for and taken by the students.
  3. Expenditure was incurred only for Light & sound, snacks and a very small amount went towards printing of coupons and materials for the props/sets.