20160222_093028 20160222_094227 20160222_094248 20160222_100058 20160222_104645 20160222_104714 20160222_104841 20160222_122303 20160222_122336 20160222_122347 20160222_122353 20160222_151243 20160222_151330 20160222_151339 20160222_151346 20160222_151420 20160222_160249 20160222_16185722nd February, the birthday of Baden Powell (Founder of Scout & Guide Association), is celebrated as Thinking Day. This event was held on the grounds of the District office at Juhu. The marching of the squads marked the beginning of the event. The girls danced on the beats of lezim dhol as well as on the folk music. Guides also participated in the art activities like drawing, handicraft and rangoli.

Henaa Ranji won 1st prize in Drawing. While, the Folk dance secured the 1st place among the seven participant schools.


Congratulations to all the participants!