27th February, the birth anniversary of the Marathi poet V. V. Shirwadkar is celebrated as Marathi Diwas in Maharashtra. To commemorate the birth anniversary of this great poet, SJC celebrated Marathi Diwas, today. The Day began with an assembly which provided information about our State Language i.e. Marathi. Students decorated their classrooms with garlands (made up of marigold flowers and leaves of mango tree) and colourful rangolis. Charts displaying Marathi poems and slogans encouraged the students to appreciate Marathi as the state language. This celebration evoked love and respect for Marathi language among the students.20000111042144 20160226_101644 20160226_101724 20160226_101804 20160226_102100 20160226_102151 20160226_102240 20160226_102322 20160226_102349 20160226_102458 20160226_102516 20160226_102533 20160226_102553 20160226_102725 20160226_103014 20160226_103048 20160226_103110 20000111041843 20000111041918 20000111041933 20000111041941 20000111042144