The online application portal for Jr. KG admissions is now closed. No further applications will be accepted.

Kindly print and sign the form as downloaded from the website (do not print back to back pages). If you hadn’t downloaded the form before, you may do so by clicking on the link below. In addition to the form, kindly bring your original documents for verification and attach photocopies of the same to the application form. Both parents and child (applicant) must be present at the document review meeting.

Checklist for document review meeting:

  1. Duly completed application form and signed with attachments
  2. Application Fee of Rs200 (please bring exact change)
  3. 1 – Passport size photo of the child
  4. 1 – Small size — Family photo
  5. Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  6. Proof of Residence
    1. Ration card of family/Telephone bill/Electricity Bill/Passport
    2. Aadhar card of father and mother
  7. Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians only
  8. Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – optional
  9. Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability


Form ID Date & Time of Meeting
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000028-Jr Kg-0228 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000041-Jr Kg-0010 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000047-Jr Kg-0297 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000061-Jr Kg-0023 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000074-Jr Kg-0308 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000082-Jr Kg-0123 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000085-Jr Kg-0028 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000089-Jr Kg-0166 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000094-Jr Kg-0009 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000167-Jr Kg-0054 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000172-Jr Kg-0017 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000902-Jr Kg-0229 06 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000134-Jr Kg-0088 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000140-Jr Kg-0015 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000145-Jr Kg-0032 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000178-Jr Kg-0199 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000196-Jr Kg-0358 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000232-Jr Kg-0085 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000235-Jr Kg-0183 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000237-Jr Kg-0074 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000260-Jr Kg-0042 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000261-Jr Kg-0278 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000265-Jr Kg-0020 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000283-Jr Kg-0044 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000639-Jr Kg-0134 06 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000294-Jr Kg-0138 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000312-Jr Kg-0370 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000314-Jr Kg-0309 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000318-Jr Kg-0456 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000324-Jr Kg-0127 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000332-Jr Kg-0110 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000354-Jr Kg-0048 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000362-Jr Kg-0106 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000364-Jr Kg-0366 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000366-Jr Kg-0055 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000497-Jr Kg-0362 07 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000371-Jr Kg-0206 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000468-Jr Kg-0384 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000485-Jr Kg-0156 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000545-Jr Kg-0111 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000556-Jr Kg-0241 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000589-Jr Kg-0112 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000626-Jr Kg-0135 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000629-Jr Kg-0266 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000631-Jr Kg-0129 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000634-Jr Kg-0137 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000646-Jr Kg-0142 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000653-Jr Kg-0259 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000667-Jr Kg-0230 07 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000654-Jr Kg-0144 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000665-Jr Kg-0454 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000716-Jr Kg-0243 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000725-Jr Kg-0202 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000731-Jr Kg-0165 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000733-Jr Kg-0263 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000745-Jr Kg-0176 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000772-Jr Kg-0244 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000787-Jr Kg-0253 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000798-Jr Kg-0188 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000803-Jr Kg-0197 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000854-Jr Kg-0207 08 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000808-Jr Kg-0246 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000832-Jr Kg-0196 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000845-Jr Kg-0414 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000877-Jr Kg-0222 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000883-Jr Kg-0220 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000884-Jr Kg-0226 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000887-Jr Kg-0224 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000894-Jr Kg-0428 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000943-Jr Kg-0377 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000973-Jr Kg-0289 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000996-Jr Kg-0449 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001013-Jr Kg-0287 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001014-Jr Kg-0375 08 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000042-Jr Kg-0014 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000059-Jr Kg-0035 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000062-Jr Kg-0420 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000093-Jr Kg-0006 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000101-Jr Kg-0039 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000102-Jr Kg-0034 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000105-Jr Kg-0018 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000109-Jr Kg-0027 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000148-Jr Kg-0238 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001016-Jr Kg-0288 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001018-Jr Kg-0333 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001019-Jr Kg-0305 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001052-Jr Kg-0353 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001062-Jr Kg-0319 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001064-Jr Kg-0329 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001081-Jr Kg-0312 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001156-Jr Kg-0406 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001174-Jr Kg-0345 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001210-Jr Kg-0356 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001243-Jr Kg-0381 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001268-Jr Kg-0422 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001306-Jr Kg-0433 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001320-Jr Kg-0408 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001407-Jr Kg-0418 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001442-Jr Kg-0432 11 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000158-Jr Kg-0080 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000180-Jr Kg-0072 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000182-Jr Kg-0094 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000198-Jr Kg-0090 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000223-Jr Kg-0082 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000267-Jr Kg-0093 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000286-Jr Kg-0163 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000287-Jr Kg-0126 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000289-Jr Kg-0079 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000304-Jr Kg-0119 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000306-Jr Kg-0239 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000313-Jr Kg-0043 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000320-Jr Kg-0128 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000350-Jr Kg-0296 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000405-Jr Kg-0404 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000407-Jr Kg-0367 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000420-Jr Kg-0116 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001316-Jr Kg-0396 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001345-Jr Kg-0398 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001363-Jr Kg-0429 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001403-Jr Kg-0434 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001439-Jr Kg-0430 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001453-Jr Kg-0438 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001458-Jr Kg-0448 11 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000031-Jr Kg-0001 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000084-Jr Kg-0178 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000099-Jr Kg-0007 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000176-Jr Kg-0268 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000177-Jr Kg-0316 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000906-Jr Kg-0236 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000916-Jr Kg-0260 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000917-Jr Kg-0401 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000921-Jr Kg-0237 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000922-Jr Kg-0342 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000946-Jr Kg-0387 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000981-Jr Kg-0272 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001026-Jr Kg-0394 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001053-Jr Kg-0299 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001085-Jr Kg-0318 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001121-Jr Kg-0332 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001141-Jr Kg-0346 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001153-Jr Kg-0390 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001160-Jr Kg-0348 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001169-Jr Kg-0341 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001171-Jr Kg-0447 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001237-Jr Kg-0385 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001280-Jr Kg-0402 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001307-Jr Kg-0399 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001402-Jr Kg-0416 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1001452-Jr Kg-0435 12 Jan 8:30am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000088-Jr Kg-0102 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000121-Jr Kg-0172 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000245-Jr Kg-0056 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000255-Jr Kg-0064 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000292-Jr Kg-0047 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000412-Jr Kg-0147 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000431-Jr Kg-0167 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000471-Jr Kg-0409 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000474-Jr Kg-0307 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000482-Jr Kg-0154 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000524-Jr Kg-0146 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000527-Jr Kg-0118 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000537-Jr Kg-0291 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000682-Jr Kg-0322 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000749-Jr Kg-0376 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000752-Jr Kg-0175 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000753-Jr Kg-0252 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000796-Jr Kg-0184 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000830-Jr Kg-0200 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000847-Jr Kg-0219 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000855-Jr Kg-0392 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000870-Jr Kg-0217 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000896-Jr Kg-0232 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000958-Jr Kg-0450 12 Jan 10am
SJCBDR-2016-2017-1000977-Jr Kg-0269 12 Jan 10am

Selection Process
You will be informed via SMS of the status of your application as well as via the school website.

Note: Please DO NOT Disturb the School authorities during the entire application process. There are very few seats available, so your cooperation will be appreciated.