Sr. KathleenThe Daughters of the Cross all over the world and rejoicing and thanking God on this joyful occasion of the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph’s Convent Bandra.

St. Joseph’s Convent Bandra has a special place in the heart of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross. It was to Bandra that our Foundress, Blessed Marie Therese, sent some of the first Sisters to India. it was from here that the Congregation spread.

Congratulations to Sr. Blanche, President of St. Joseph’s Ex-Students Association, St. Joseph’s Convent School and the Parent Teachers Association, on the production of this Musical Extravaganza to celebrate this special anniversary.

The Sisters, past and present, of St. Joseph’s Convent Bandra, have kept the spirit of the Congregation alive in Bandra over many changing years. I greet all of you together with all the staff who have worked alongside you now and in the past, all the pupil’s past and present, not forgetting the priests and people of the Parish.

May this celebrating bring you all together in love and song, as we all joint in giving thanks to God for 150 glorious years.

With joyful thanks, have a wonderful celebration.

Sr. Kathleen O’Reilly, f.c.
Superior General